Research highlights the dangers of concussions in young athletes

With International Helmet Awareness Day coming up this Saturday, June 22, equestrians will be hearing a lot about the danger of head injuries. One of the biggest concerns—particularly for children—is concussions, and recent studies are shedding some light on the problems that come with diagnosing and preventing these injuries.   In a recent article in Scientific American, Robert [...]

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Discount registration offered for older Arabian and half-Arabian horses

Beginning July 1, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) will offer a discount on registration for horses 2 and older. Members who register their horses during this period, which ends December 31, 2013, will save $100 on purebred Arabian horse registration, paying only $250, and $40 on half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian registration, paying only $75. A discount on registration has only [...]

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